Date:Apr 23, 2015




Yoann Couix flute recital
尤安。古易斯 長笛獨奏會

Yoann Couix is an internationally acclaimed performer and respected teacher. He has been a flute professor also Pierre-Yves Artaud’s assistant at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris since 2007. Yoann not only devotes himself to pedagogy, but shares his thoughts of musical journey as well as how music and playing an instrument can be a joyful lifelong experience.

Yoann took his first flute lessons when he was a seven-year-old boy at the Conservatoire de Clermont-Ferrand of Auvergne, France, his hometown. He continued his musical studies at the age of fifteen in Paris with Claude Lefebvre at the Regional Conservatory and received diplomas of flute, music theory and musical analysis. Yoann classically trained in Conservatoire de Paris (CNSM) from 2005. He was tutored and mentored by Pierre-Yves Artaud and Florence Souchard-Delepine, and received his Master of Music in Flute Performance degree in 2010, as well as the award in musical analysis as a student of Alain Louvier, the disciple of Olivier Messiaen. Yoann also took courses of harmony, music history and conducting. He successfully obtained an outstanding grade in piccolo with Nathalie Rozat in 2012. In addition to flute performing, Yoann has great passion in teaching, orchestral and chamber music.

As an active soloist, orchestral, and chamber musician, Yoann enjoys frequent orchestral, chamber music, solo, and recording collaborations with composers, orchestras, and chamber music groups across the world. Notable performances include those with Orchestra de Paris (Pierre Boulez, Christoph Eschenbach), the orchestra of the Capitole de Toulouse (Tugan Sokhiev), the National Orchestra of Pays de la Loire (Axelrod), the Orchestra of Picardie (Arie van Beek), and also with the French Youth Orchestra (Jean-Claude Casadesus, Dennis Russell Davies).

Yoann has great enthusiasm in orchestral and chamber music. He obtained an award of chamber music with a trio of flute, viola and harp while studying in Conservatoire de Paris (CNSM) with David Walter and Michel Moraguès. As a chamber music enthusiast, Yoann formed duo and trio with friends, and frequently performed in France. “Duo des Puys” is a duo which Yoann formed with his friend, Pierre Cussac, an accordionist who performed in Taipei in 2013. The repertoire of this duo is divided into Eastern European music (Bartok, Katchaturian, Semyonov, Kusjakow, traditional music and Klezmer) and tangos of South America (Piazzolla, Gardel, etc.). Besides the duo, Yoann also performs in “Wunderhorn Trio” with Vera Nikitin, an organist, and Hélène Fauchère, a soprano. The repertoire of this group combines Baroque cantata arias with flute obbligato (Bach, Telemann, Handel, Vivaldi) and arrangements of lieder by Mahler and Strauss, often inspired by the collection "Des Knaben Wunderhorn", hence the trio takes its name.


法國長笛家尤安.古易斯 (Yoann Couix),為法國樂壇重要的長笛演奏家及教育家。目前任職於巴黎師範音樂學院,擔任法國長笛現代音樂大師Pierre-Yves Artaud助教並教授長笛。Yoann Couix自2007年起於巴黎師範音樂學院任教至今,作育英才無數,更指導眾多亞洲學子。尤安以其師Pierre-Yves Artaud為榜樣,以人文及寬厚的教學方式豐富了師生關係,猶如長笛法國學派一般,他憑藉著謙恭之心,希望將畢生所學傳授更多國內外莘莘學子。

尤安的長笛生涯啟蒙於七歲,並在家鄉法國中部奧文尼省的克萊蒙費朗音樂院 (Conservatoire de Clermont-Ferrand) 開始學習。尤安於15歲拿到文憑後,就讀於巴黎地區一般高中及音樂院,以非全職方式跟隨Claude Lefebvre學習音樂,並得到長笛、樂理、音樂分析文憑。2005年,尤安進入國立巴黎高等音樂院 (CNSM) 就讀,並跟隨法國長笛現代音樂大師Pierre-Yves Artaud和法國知名長笛演奏家Florence Souchard-Delépine學習。2010年,他得到長笛碩士文憑,並在法國著名當代作曲家梅湘 (Olivier Messiaen) 的弟子Alain Louvier門下學習音樂分析並得到獎項。2012年,他結束了Nathalie Rozat短笛精進班課程。尤安對於教學、管弦樂、室內樂皆有著相當大的熱忱,在學期間廣泛學習,拓展了和聲、音樂史及管弦樂指揮方面的能力。

作為長笛演奏家,尤安經常與世界頂尖音樂家合作,包括指揮大師艾森巴哈 (Christoph Eschenbach)、法國當代傑出指揮家布列茲 (Pierre Boulez)、柏林德意志交響樂團藝術總監杜剛.索基夫 (Tugan Sokhiev)、威爾第交響樂團首席指揮約翰.艾瑟羅德 (John Axelrod)、荷蘭指揮家畢克 (Arie Van Beek)、法國知名指揮卡薩德緒 (Jean-Claude Casadesus)、美國指揮家丹尼斯.羅素.戴維斯 (Dennis Russell Davies)等。除此之外,尤安也與各地知名樂團合作,如:巴黎管弦樂團、圖魯斯首都交響樂團、盧瓦爾地區國立管弦樂團、皮卡第管弦樂團、法國青年管弦樂團等。

尤安對管弦樂及室內樂有著相當大的熱忱,他在巴黎高等音樂院室內樂教授David Walter和Michel Moraguès門下,以長笛、中提琴、豎琴三重奏獲得室內樂獎。此外,尤安也與朋友共組二重奏、三重奏,並長期演出。Puys二重奏是尤安與去年曾來台演出手風琴演奏家Pierre Cussac組成,重奏曲目包含東歐音樂 (巴爾托克、哈察都量、西蒙諾夫、克拉科夫傳統音樂、猶太音樂等) 以及南美探戈 (皮亞佐拉、葛戴爾等)。尤安也和Wunderhorn三重奏 (管風琴家Véra Nikitine、女高音Hélène Fauchère) 共同演出,曲目結合了須加入長笛的巴洛克清唱劇詠嘆調 (巴赫、泰雷曼、韓德爾、韋瓦第),以及馬勒和史特勞斯歌曲的改編曲,樂曲來源多出自少年魔法號角選集《Des Knaben Wunderhorn》,這也是三重奏團名由來。